A new license plate every year: what does moped insurance cost??

A new license plate every year: what does moped insurance cost??

Although a moped does not have to be registered separately and you do not have to pay vehicle tax either. Nevertheless, you may not participate in road traffic with this vehicle without a valid insurance license plate. What moped insurance costs, where you get the license plate and much more information can be found in this interview with the cost check expert.

What does the moped insurance cost??

Cost check: by law, you must take out liability insurance to cover the cost of personal injury, property damage and financial loss in the event of a self-inflicted accident. You can get this for about 20 EUR per year.

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Optionally you can extend the liability insurance by a partial cover insurance. This comes in handy for

  • Damage to their own vehicle
  • Theft
  • Damage in case of hail
  • Fire damage

at. The premiums for liability insurance with partial casco cost from 55 EUR per year.

Type Annual costs from
Liability insurance 20 EUR
Liability with partial coverage 55 EUR

Where can I get an insurance license plate?

Cost check: you can get this from any local insurance agency, regardless of the company. Alternatively you can purchase it at numerous banks and savings banks as well as automobile clubs. You can also apply for an insurance license plate online, which will then be sent to you by post.

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What documents do I need to take out this insurance??

Cost check: Before signing the contract, you must present the general operating permit. In this document are all the important details about the vehicle like:

  • Manufacturer
  • Identification number
  • Drive type
  • Year of construction noted.

You get the operating license when you buy the moped.

How long is the moped insurance valid?

Cost check: The insurance year begins on 1. March. The term of the moped insurance is one year and ends on 28. or. 29. February of the following year.

If you take out the insurance at a later date, for example in May, you pay pro rata only the months in which the vehicle is actually insured.

If the insurance is automatically extended?

Cost check: The validity of the moped insurance is not automatically extended. So you have to take care of a new license plate in time before the end of the insurance year,

Why does the moped license plate have a different color every year??

Cost check: This makes it easier for traffic control to see whether valid insurance cover is in place for the moped in the current year. The font color changes between black, blue and green.

What the moped license plate looks like?

Cost check: It has two lines and measures exactly 10.1 centimeters in width and 13 centimeters in height. The first line consists of three digits, the second of three letters.

While the numbers have no meaning and serve only as a distinguishing feature, the combination of letters can be used to tell which company the vehicle is insured with. After an accident, the injured party should therefore make sure to note down the letter combination in addition to the personal details of the other party involved in the accident.

At the bottom is the sign of the German Insurance Association GDV and the current insurance year. This prevents misuse, as this coinage makes it impossible to reuse an old license plate after three years. In 2019, the license plate is green. In 2020 a black, in 2021 a blue license plate is valid.

Are there regulations on how the license plate must be attached?

A new license plate every year: what does moped insurance cost??

Cost check: The attachment is regulated by law in § 27 of the vehicle registration ordinance:

  • The insurance license plate must be fixed on the back of the vehicle, preferably under the tail light.
  • It may be tilted a maximum of 30 degrees in the direction of travel.
  • The lower edge must be at least 20 centimeters above the road surface.

For which vehicles do I also need an insurance license plate?

Cost check: you need a new license plate every year for:

Type Special features
Mopeds (mopeds, scooters) Engine capacity maximum 50 ccm, maximum speed maximum 45 km/h.
Mopeds and mopeds that were produced in the former GDR. Maximum speed maximum 60 km/h, insured for the first time before 01.03.1992.
Quads and trikes Maximum speed 45 km/h, maximum engine capacity 50 ccm.
Segways with electric drive Maximum speed maximum 20 km/h.
Pedelecs Motor over 250 watts or pedal assistance over 25 km/h or starting assistance over 6 km/h.
Bicycles with auxiliary motor
E-scooter with operating license
E-Scooter With road permit, maximum speed 20 km/h.
Motorized ambulance These must fall under driving license class M and S.
Four-wheeled light vehicles Maximum empty mass 350 kg, maximum speed 45 km/h.

In addition, you need a valid operating license for all these vehicles.

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