Accident insurance

Every year, around 9 million accidents occur in Germany. Accidents, 80% of which occur during leisure time and 20% at work. Statistically, an accident occurs every four seconds. Accident insurance pays out the agreed insured sums if an accident causes permanent physical damage.


Which accidents are insured?

A good accident insurance protects you and your family 24 hours a day, worldwide. Insurance coverage applies both at work and during leisure time. In the case of children, the insurance coverage is valid in kindergarten, school or during free time.

Accidents on the road are insured, but also a fall from a ladder, an accident while skiing, cycling or other accidents.

Who can assure?

One can conclude the accident insurance for itself or for all family members. It is also possible to insure only the children.

A separate contribution must be paid for each person.

For what cases you do not need accident insurance?

A broken leg after slipping on black ice or a torn cruciate ligament after a sports accident are indeed accidents. However, the treatment costs of this are usually covered by health insurance.

In this case, it must be checked whether the accident has led to permanent damage to health or to a disability. has led to disability. As a rule, a broken leg is associated with temporary pain, but without long-term consequences. If an accident does not have any permanent consequences, private accident insurance usually does not have to pay any money for it.

Some accident insurance policies pay at least compensation for pain and suffering here.


For which cases is accident insurance important?

If an accident leads to a permanent disability, then the private accident insurance should take effect and provide a high financial one-time payment.

If a car accident results in a leg or arm that can no longer be used normally, but is paralyzed or the movement restrictions are significantly worsened, then this will have negative effects in the long term.

In such cases, private accident insurance is very important, as the accident insurance then makes very high one-time payments.

The amount of the one-time payment depends on the sum insured agreed upon when the contract was concluded and on the degree of disability.

In principle, however, private accident insurance should protect you and your family if an accident leads to permanent damage to your health. Namely, if the injury is so severe that a disability or. a disability persists.


Important criteria when choosing accident insurance:

Accident insurance is one of the most complicated and demanding insurance lines of all. Due to the large number of tariff variants and criteria, a superficial comparison is not recommended.

In addition, we recommend only insurance companies that have been providing reliable claims handling for many years. However, this quality has only a few very good insurance companies.

Most insurance companies offer at least three tariff lines (such as Basic, Top and Premium). Unfortunately, there are often clauses in the terms and conditions that mean that the insurance company does not have to pay out at all or is allowed to make massive reductions in the event of an emergency.

The imputation of previous illnesses is also problematic. Best possible rates largely waive a reduction if a pre-existing condition had an impact on the accident. Such plans, however, are rare and belong in the premium sector.

In addition, there are usually different limb rates: The limb rate decides – in addition to the agreed sums insured – exactly how much money you will receive after an accident. To put it simply: the quality of the limb index decides how much a leg or an arm is worth. However, this is not so easy to compare in most comparative programs.

This list could go on for a long time.

Conclusion: The sums insured are of course important. In order to be able to receive high sums after an accident, the quality of the insurance terms and conditions and the agreed schedule of benefits is of utmost importance.

We recommend the accident insurance "Einfach Komplett Unfall-Sonderkonzept VEMA – Premium" of the Haftpflichtkasse:

Haftpflichtkasse offers a very good scope of benefits, absolute premium conditions and excellent claims settlement.

The Haftpflichtkasse is a specialist for accident insurance, liability insurance and household insurance. Due to the predominantly lean online processing, the renunciation of expensive own offices and clear insurance conditions, the Haftpflichtkasse is in the relatively favorable price range.

In the area of accident insurance, Haftpflichtkasse has therefore been one of our main partners for many years now.

Which tariff variants does the Haftpflichtkasse offer?

Very favorable coverage with a standard limbs index

Good protection with a comfort limb rate

  • Best possible insurance conditions with premium-plus-limb index
  • Up to 70. From the age of 65 onwards, the cancer allowance is waived at the end of the insurance year
  • Innovation guarantee, future improvements in conditions are automatically included in the insurance cover
  • Betterment clause: if you switch from another insurance company to Haftpflichtkasse, you can only improve your situation
  • Immediate benefit for serious injuries automatically included in the insurance
  • Very customer-friendly regulations on disorders of consciousness (for example, when falling asleep while driving a vehicle or when an accident occurs after taking medication or after a heart attack). With the Haftpflichtkasse such accidents are also insured. In many other tariffs such accidents are excluded by the conditions. This is another example of why the quality of the policy terms and conditions is of key importance in personal accident insurance.

We recommend to choose the best and therefore safest conditions: The "Simple Complete" tariff (including special concept VEMA – Premium). This tariff offers a maximum of security, excellent conditions and therefore also an excellent scope of benefits.

What policy limits to choose:

We recommend the following coverage:

If a progression is agreed, the degree of disability and thus the agreed disability sum increases step by step. With a disability sum of 50.000 and a progression of 500%, this results in a maximum benefit of 250.000 euros.

Automatically included:

Co-insured Damage due to self-motion unlimited Salvage, search and transport costs unlimited Cosmetic operations unlimited Dental prostheses after an accident unlimited Spa cost allowance after an accident

These sums can of course be adjusted as desired. Consumer advocates often recommend a disability sum of 100.000 Euro. Whereby it must also be noted that the Haftpflichtkasse always offers very high benefits with the premium limb index.

In addition to these benefits, you can also select the following modules*:

Accident pension is paid monthly (for life) if an accident results in a degree of disability of 50%. An accident pension covers newly incurred costs such as z.B. a home help from.

Hospital days-
and convalescence allowance*

The daily hospital allowance is paid for each calendar day of inpatient treatment. Convalescence allowance is paid in the same amount following hospitalization.

Advance payments are possible under certain conditions.

The agreed cancer benefit is paid out as an immediate benefit as soon as the insured person suffers from a defined cancer, e.g.B. in case of breast or testicular cancer, sickened. From the age of 65, cancer benefit is waived at the end of the insurance year.

Compensation for pain and suffering is paid z.B. paid for fractures, internal injuries or burns. The amount is based on the table of compensation for pain and suffering and the agreed sum insured. From the age of 65, the compensation for pain and suffering is waived at the end of the insurance year.

*These benefits all have their justification. However, this does not involve the coverage of risks threatening the existence of the company. Therefore, these additional modules are less important in terms of priority than the previously mentioned points. If there is interest in these components, they can be included in the accident insurance without any problems.

Useful additional components

The Haftpflichtkasse offers various additional modules as an option. The following components are particularly recommended:

Targeted rehabilitation management after a serious accident is intended to achieve an optimal recovery time and significantly reduce permanent impairments or. can be avoided. The benefits include u.a. the creation of an individual rehab concept and the support during the rehab measures.

If the insured person needs assistance as a result of an accident, the liability insurance fund will cover the costs of numerous benefits if the assistance package is agreed z.B. Errands and shopping, apartment cleaning, home emergency call service, child assistance u.v.m.

These building blocks are also not existence-threatening, but offer a real added value in case of emergency. In addition, the costs for these modules are relatively low. Therefore we can recommend both building blocks.

What else to know

  • In the best possible tariff variant "Simply Complete a few health questions must be answered. If a conclusion of a contract should not be possible for health reasons, however, the likewise high performance tariff "simply better" can be used can be taken out.
  • discounts are possible when insuring several persons in one contract.
  • 7% discount is possible for annual payments compared to monthly payments.
  • Haftpflichtkasse is also an insurance company with a very good attitude to sustainability: as a mutual insurance company, the community is a key guiding principle here. Haftpflichtkasse has been taking social, ecological and economic issues into account for several years now.
  • The liability insurance fund pursues a sustainable strategy in its investments. Investments are taken into account according to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria. These include, for example, "Green Bonds or sustainability funds.
  • While other insurance companies still print out 100 pages of contract documents per insurance, the Haftpflichtkasse has been sending out all documents, invoices, etc. for years. exclusively by e-mail or. via an appropriate customer login. This saves money and protects the environment. For this, the prices also include a paperless discount.

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