Adelsdorf: where the heavy rain falls

Adelsdorf: where the heavy rain falls

Heads could be seen smoking on wednesday evening in the hall of the SC adelsdorf. The cause was the dangers of heavy rain, which the municipality of adelsdorf intends to face. As a bavarian pioneer in the field, the company elektro amon from adelsdorf, together with the herzogenaurach-based specialist office spekter, developed a system to prevent and avert damage from heavy rainfall.

The first step was already taken in mid-2018 to identify hazards. Step 2, planning protective mitigation, should be completed by mid-year. 75 percent of the costs, amounting to 150000 euros each, are borne by the ministry of the environment, the rest by the municipality of adelsdorf.

Local experience bearers from the east of adelsdorf, the upper village and the grunsee construction area as well as the districts of neuhaus, aisch, weppersdorf, wiesendorf, lauf, heppstadt and uttstadt were invited to support florian brodrecht from spekter in creating a heavy rain hazard map.

Assuming the worst

Based on a digital land model created by laser scanning in 2016, brodrecht presented a preliminary design for each part of the village, showing the worst expected conditions of flooding and inundation. Wednesday's event was about showing what, for example, structural changes have occurred over the last three years, as well as highlighting the areas on the maps that were worst affected in the two heavy rain events of 2018.

Working groups quickly formed, hunched closely over the maps, to take a close look at their local area and engage in lively discussions. Local council member paul sanger reported that although they had received more water in heppstadt than adelsdorf, no damage had been recorded. This was also confirmed by joachim hansen, rainer hansen, local chairman of the bavarian farmers' association, and alexander schickert.

A walk through the village follows

Gerhard stingl from aisch realized that what the map showed had never really happened before. Theo fischer and hedwig scheppe from lauf also agreed with this, whereby fischer emphasized that the plots of land there were higher than the road, so that everything was run off.

Burgermeister karsten fischkal () explained that it was important to him to know what can be done and who to approach to protect the respective house. The insights gained this evening will be the cornerstone for the planned walk through the district in june, in which florian brodrecht will also participate.

The tour offers the opportunity to get a picture of the situation on site. The result, the heavy rain hazard map, will be the basis for all actions in the coming tree removals.

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