Tree-top trail in the steigerwald leaves wishes unfulfilled

Tree-top trail in the steigerwald leaves wishes unfulfilled

Imagine a multi-million euro treetop path being built in ebrach and no one going there. It probably won't be quite that bad, but it can't be ruled out that a viewing platform that lacks a serious background such as a national park or a world natural heritage title will have nowhere near the desired success with tourists as a draught horse that can grow with such pounds.

A combination of tree trail and nature reserve would also be very welcome to the experts of the adventure academy kotzting. If they start building in september, it will be because they hope to recover their investment of four million euros. After all, the first year is expected to generate 200.000 visitors from.
Max-dieter schneider (SPD), the mayor of ebrach, also wanted to do a nail with his head. From the difficult negotiations with the developer he knows that the tree trail will only work in the long run if it succeeds in directing rough streams of tourists into the heart of the steigerwald.

Rough fire in savannah nature park in brazil

Fires have already destroyed 10,921 square kilometers of protected natural areas in brazil this year. This corresponds to about one-third the size of belgium and twelve times the size of berlin. Landowners are said to have set some fires.

As the portal "O globo" reported on saturday with reference to the biodiversity institute chico mendes, more than 65,000 hectares of the national park chapada dos veadeiros in the state of goias, 200 kilometers north of the capital brasilia, also burned in october. The savannah landscape was declared a world heritage site by unesco in 2001. Park director fernando tatagiba said the fires were probably set by estate owners as a protest against the expansion of the protected area.

Mars rover “curiosity” finds water in the martian soil

Mars rover "curiosity" finds water in the martian soil

The water content is around two percent, as scientists led by laurie leshin from the rensselear polytechnic institute in troy (new york state) report in the u.S. Journal "science". Furthermore, the rover stole, among other things, significant amounts of carbon dioxide, oxygen and sulfur compounds in the ground.

"One of the most exciting results of this very first solid sample, the "curiosity" the high water content," leshin reported in a news release from her university. This is not only scientifically interesting but also a remarkable resource. "We now know that there should be abundant and easily accessible water on mars," leshin emphasized. "If we send people there, they could pick up the soil somewhere on the surface, heat it up a bit and have water."

Wonsees community hall is ready – but the big party will have to wait

There are already mats on the floor of the gymnasium – the jumping boxes for the sports lessons weigh them down. But there's no sign of any sports car. And nothing will change in the near future.

A real gem

The last craftsmen are still at work to finish the rest of the work. Wilhelm and sebastian wolfel drill and work – the impact protection on the long wall of the sports hall is still missing. "But otherwise everything is ready", says mayor andreas pohner, visibly proud. Because the old gymnasium is almost unrecognizable. The old sprung floor has been renovated. The whole hall has become a decorative piece.

Hectic crisis diplomacy in the matter of the euro

Hectic crisis diplomacy in the matter of the euro

The federal government on monday resisted speculation about new aid in the short term. Federal finance minister wolfgang schauble met with his U.S. Counterpart timothy geithner while on vacation on the island of sylt. Time is running out for athens, a new austerity program must be in place soon. Spain slides further into recession.

Hopes of new interventions gave the stock market a tailwind: the dax continued its gains of the past three trading days with an increase of almost 1.3 percent to 6774.06 points.

Daycare center: where children feel secure

The children of the evangelische kindertagesstatte in bad staffelstein immediately buried visitors with curious glances and rough interest. "This shows that they feel very comfortable and secure with us", says kindergarten director beate wagner and laughs.

After the "ouch, after the children have been given a sticking plaster, it's time for a "fashion show" and finally to play in the kinderkuche. Especially here, where the youngest children are looked after and cared for, security plays a very important role for the child's development.

Bamberg’s coffers just seem empty

Bamberg's coffers just seem empty

It really does exist – the city of bamberg's city treasury. The iron-fortified chest stands in a corner of room 229 in the town hall and is supposedly empty, as chamberlain bertram felix tried to show at the end of a long conversation with our newspaper – which took some effort. At the beginning, the box did not like to open.

The image of a treasure chest that is stuck also fits much better into the environment of the draft budget 2013 that was presented to the city council. There is no question of empty coffers. You just have to know how they open up.

Zahes wrangling over rail planning in the bamberg district

Zahes wrangling over rail planning in the bamberg district

VDE 8.1, PFA 21 – this abbreviation stands for the section of track between altendorf and strullendorf, which the german railroad plans to upgrade to four tracks in the coming years. It does not yet have the building permit, but all the planning documents and the comments and objections of those affected are available to the government of upper franconia. The federal railway authority has to evaluate the documents and send a final statement to the federal railway authority, which then has to decide on the building permit for the planning approval phase (PFA).

But the course has not yet been finally set in many partial and detailed questions. For example, there are still differences in important aspects such as accessibility or arm protection between what the railroad is prepared to build and what communities and residents want. In order to clarify such questions, a meeting has now been scheduled in which, in addition to the municipalities concerned, politicians from the region as well as representatives of the relevant ministries and, of course, the railroad are to participate.

The municipality saves the reduction of the fees

The municipality saves the reduction of the fees

The municipal council meeting in the adelsdorf aischgrundhalle started on wednesday evening with the presentation of the calculation results of the wastewater fees by dieter meixner of the bavarian municipal auditing association.

Already in september 2018, the municipality gave the order for the recalculation for 2020 to 2023, but due to a staff shortage, this had to be postponed to 2020. "Adelsdorf has had a "split fee" since 2012, divided into wastewater and stormwater, meixner explained at the beginning of his presentation. He explained to the committee in detail how the fees are made up and which events have an influence on them.

Golden pin of honor for Ernst Frank

The fishermen's association of lower franconia e.V. Honored longtime members. At the honoring afternoon on 4. November in retzbach, president thomas hartmann expressed his thanks for 40, 50 and even 65 years of loyalty to the association. His special thanks went to those who pass on their fishing knowledge to the next generations and thus "keep rekindling the fire for fishing"."

As a thank you for many years of loyalty to the association, honorary pins were awarded for 40 and 50 years of membership. Ernst frank from aura celebrated a very special anniversary. He has been a member of the fishing association for 65 years. For this he received the golden pin of honor with certificate and a present. His fellow fishermen gave him a big round of applause. For many years, frank has also been a member of the middle saale fishery cooperative, which works intensively to protect the fish population in its waters.