Car insurance despite schufa entry- which insurance is possible?

Motorists with a negative credit rating can, of course, change your insurance if they find that they are paying significantly too much with their current insurer. But what insurance is possible and with a negative credit rating, are there tips and tricks that make it easier to switch insurance companies? Unfortunately, drivers with negative credit ratings do not have hundreds of car insurance quotes at their disposal, as they already have to deal with some restrictions. But if you use the rate calculator for car insurance, you will find that there are also in the field of car insurance despite Schufa entry significant differences in insurance premiums. No motorist has to settle for very high insurance premiums because of their negative credit rating. There is another way. has researched for you and compiled the most important facts and tips.

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With our tips for car insurance despite Schufa entry you can:

– Compare more than 300 rates
– Save up to 850-, Euro per year
– Change a motor vehicle liability insurance online
– Monthly payment method possible
– Find partial and fully comprehensive insurance even with negative credit history

Get car insurance despite Schufa entry with restrictions

We have already mentioned it at the beginning. The whole world of rates is unfortunately not open to you. With negative Schufa you have to give up a few conveniences, respectively. Waive discounts. Partial and fully comprehensive insurance is also only available to you with restrictions. But unlike other contracts, which you do not get at all with a negative Schufa entry, you have good chances with a car insurance despite Schufa entry. Here you benefit from the so-called Kontrahierungszwang, under which German car insurers stand. However, the obligation to contract only applies to insurance coverage with the legally prescribed minimum amounts of coverage. This means that the car insurer must only offer you compulsory insurance for specified sums.

The minimum coverage amounts are:

– for personal injury 7.5 million euros
– for property damage 1.12 million euros
– for property damage 50.000 Euro

The minimum coverage does not apply to vehicles used for commercial passenger transport and vehicles with more than nine seats. Further exceptions are to be inquired with the respective insurer.

When is the car insurer released from the obligation to contract??

However, the legislator has also defined exceptions that release the car insurer from its contracting obligation. If the insurance contract has already been terminated at an earlier point in time, the obligation to contract no longer exists. However, this only applies to the insurer who has cancelled the policyholder. If the insured was terminated by another insurer, this is not a reason to refuse car insurance. In addition, the submission of the affidavit (oath of disclosure) and insolvency are reasons for the rejection of a car insurance. In all other cases of a negative Schufa, the insurer is subject to the contracting obligation. However, there is also the question of whether you now want to trust an insurance company that rejects you as an insured and with which you first have to argue about taking out insurance. For this, the choice is then too large for a car insurance despite Schufa, so that it is quite easy to find an insurer who offers fair conditions even under difficult circumstances.

Insurance comparison for car insurance despite negative credit rating

An insurance comparison for the car insurance is worthwhile of course also with negative creditworthiness, because also with the minimum sums insured there are considerable differences in the premiums. In addition, you still have a few "tricks" available to you, with which you can find car insurance faster despite Schufa entry.

– Select the semi-annual or annual payment method in the insurance comparison right away.
– Limit the insurance coverage immediately to the motor vehicle liability insurance.
– Use the car best as a single driver or specify a maximum of one other driver.
– Drive the car for private purposes only.
– Insure the car through another person, partner, parent or sibling.

If you configure the rate calculator for car insurance correctly right away and know what the insurance companies value, you will find an insurance company that offers you car insurance even despite negative Schufa all the faster.

Comprehensive car insurance despite Schufa check?

With the motor vehicle comprehensive insurance, the situation is a bit different with a negative Schufa check. The hull insurances, partial and fully comprehensive, are voluntary insurances, which are not subject to the contracting obligation. According to this, every insurer is free to offer you a comprehensive insurance in case of negative credit rating.

Comprehensive insurance insures the vehicle itself and vehicle accessories agreed in the contract.
While the partial cover insurance insures elementary damages, damages by fire, explosion, short circuit and glass damages, hair game damages and theft/robbery, with the comprehensive insurance still self-caused vehicle damages, damages by hit-and-run of strange persons and vandalism damages are added.

The insurance premiums of the comprehensive insurances can be reduced by deductibles in case of damage, workshop commitment in case of damage and bonus system of the no-claims classes.
Here is the catch in detail. The insurer would like to keep its default risk as low as possible, of course. If you agree to a fairly high deductible, the insurer may not be sure that you can bear the costs due to the negative credit rating. If you do not agree to this, the insurance premiums are higher and the insurer has a fairly high default risk.

If you do not want to do without comprehensive insurance despite Schufa entry, offer the annual payment method in advance.

How to cancel your car insurance correctly

If you want to change your car insurance despite Schufa entry, first take out a new car insurance and then cancel the existing contract. Since you may have to ask different insurers and the whole thing may take time, play it safe and cancel only when you have concluded the new insurance contract.
You can always cancel car insurance only at the end of the year. The period expires on 31.12. of each year and you must give 4 weeks notice of cancellation. So your notice of termination must reach the insurer no later than 30.11. achieve, because otherwise the contract is automatically extended for another year.

Excluded is the case of the special right of termination. Here you have 4 weeks after receipt of the letter from the insurance company to cancel the insurance. The special termination right is regulated in the Insurance Contract Act and provides for the following criteria:

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