Herzo base now has eight energy-efficient houses

Eight happy families could receive the certificate "health passport" on wednesday for your terraced house on ludwig-quidde-strabe in the "herzo base II" development area receive. The "lighthouse project, eight energy storage houses built by the company raab baugesellschaft in cooperation with industrial partners as part of an innovative research project of the technical university of nurnberg (encn) has been completed.

The idea for the new construction of the innovative energy-efficient houses came about at the beginning of 2012 through the agenda 21 energy working group in herzogenaurach. "Wolfgang schoepe didn't give mrs. Raab a moment's peace, and it took him almost a year to convince the managing director", said building biologist constance kopke from the company raab und lieb about the project. It was a long and difficult process, because the right companies had to be brought on board.

Theorist or packer? What you should know about studying and training

Whether you should study or rather do an apprenticeship after your school years is an important question. Because it is you who decides how you shape your professional future. For this reason, you should start thinking about it in good time: Is an apprenticeship or a degree program right for you?? Perhaps one is to follow the other as well?

Of course, there are students who have known for years what they want to be when they take a. Therefore, they have long since started to think about how to manage it. Choose the path via the university or a training company? Most people, however, and this is certainly reassuring to know, do not yet have a concrete plan at the beginning of their final year of schooling.

Kfw programs for renovation and energy efficiency

The state gives everyone up to 50.000 subsidies for those who want to bring their property up to the latest energy standards. How it works? About the development bank KfW, the state credit institute for reconstruction. The KfW programs for refurbishment in particular pay off. But there are also other interesting subsidies if you want to equip and upgrade your property for the future. So also charging stations for electric vehicles or an efficient burglary protection are subsidized by the government for the property owner.

Retraining to become an optician

Opticians are experts when it comes to clear vision, and they are becoming increasingly important: two-thirds of all Germans now wear glasses, and half of them wear them all the time. 5 percent are contact lens wearers, and from the 45th percentile onwards, they are contact lens wearers. everyone needs reading glasses. Since we absorb 80 to 90 % of our sensory information visually, a visit to the optician is indispensable for most people.

Anyone over the age of 50 who wants to become an optician can choose between a shortened, dual training program or a 2-year, inter-company retraining program to become an optician. In addition, he/she can retrain to become an optometry salesperson or study optics/optometry.

Appeal for cash in germany

In this article, I would like to say a few words about what money is and how important cash is to society, with a focus on Germany. Money originated several millennia ago as so-called "realia" – that is, natural products such as grain, rice, or important items were used as a medium of exchange for other items. Basically, the physical twin in the sum of the objects of exchange – and in history everything came under the cloak of exchangeability.

It is also sacral-cultic in that it drew its form and system from the temples, where originally "money" was created by precious metals to "finance" the offerings. It is fascinating to understand that the two strokes depicted on the euro, the pound, or the dollar represent the two horns of the supreme sacrificial animal of those days, the bull (the yuan, etc. is a copy of this tradition).

Are p2p credits morally reprehensible?

Are p2p credits morally reprehensible? Are p2p credits morally reprehensible?

P2P loans, also known as "peer-to-peer" loans, are loans that take place directly between two parties without the need for a bank or other financial institution. This is possible through online platforms that allow people to borrow and invest money.

This type of credit offers many advantages for both borrowers and investors. For example, borrowers can get lower interest rates than they would normally get with traditional bank loans. On the other hand, investors can achieve higher returns than with traditional forms of investment.

Credit card billing: how to check the bill correctly

Again and again, the media reports about the misuse of credit card data. Often, the card number and expiration date are enough for fraudsters to successfully use their schemes, for example, when buying online. Credit cards are a common form of payment these days. You can hardly get a service at a hotel or a car rental if you do not have such a card. If you like to travel, you will be able to enjoy your vacation, especially abroad outside the European Community, for example in the USA, only with a credit card.

In addition, the possession of the plastic cards is often the expression of a certain creditworthiness evidence. So even in some hotel chains you can only make a room reservation or booking if you have a credit card.

Watch out! Loans are no solution for high debts.

If you need a cash injection or are in a pinch, online loans entice you with attractive interest rates and easy availability. But beware!

If you need an injection of cash or are in a tight spot, online loans entice you with attractive interest rates and easy availability. But beware!

If one realizes that more than 50 percent of the Swiss use the Internet for their banking transactions, the growing affinity to
Online financial offers more than understandable. Especially when you need a cash injection or are in a tight spot. Online loans entice with attractive interest rates. FinTech business saves costs in human resources and infrastructure, which has a positive effect on customer-friendly conditions. Also with the processes. The processing, approval and settlement of orders via digital platforms are simply faster. Many things can be automated, standardized and thus also costs reduced. In professional circles and the media, it is assumed that the bank advisor in the branch is one of the professions that are no longer considered to have a great future.