Blackberry boss: “i have a hell of a long breath”

Blackberry boss: "i have a hell of a long breath"

On the occasion of the launch of the new blackberry 10 operating system, heins (55) spoke to the dpa news agency about his plans, the many doubts about the future of the company and what blackberry can learn from formula 1 world champion sebastian vettel.

Mr. Heins, even as blackberry launches its new devices, they are met with much skepticism. How do you answer the doubts?

Open sunday attracts many people to ebermannstadt

In bright sunshine a street musician sang "stand by me" on sunday – in german "stand by me – at the market place in ebermannstadt. "It would have been comfortable for us if we had done nothing. But we want to do everything we can to support our business people", said first mayor christiane meyer (NLE). She told that it was church sunday. The consecration of the marienkapelle was celebrated: "this is the real ebermannstadter church." this year, however, the service had taken place in the coarser saint nicholas church.

Afterwards, the mayor made her way through the city. There, for example, they met emily koch from weibenohe with her parents, who was celebrating her ninth birthday over ice cream. The family enjoyed the day with shopping opportunities. Wolfgang dresel and karl winkler presented a gift at the "textile winkler" clothing store the ladies roses. "Today is grobkampftag for the whole family. We have a good concept and there are many customers who are very disciplined", said wolfgang dresel and explains that with the right concept you can be successful even in a rural area.

Americans travel to thanksgiving despite corona

Many Americans booked last-minute domestic flights this year to celebrate Thanksgiving with family or vacation in the sun (or snow) – despite the particularly rampant corona pandemic in the U.S. and the currently struggling airline industry. This is what research by the travel analytics company ForwardKeys has shown.

In a ranking of the top domestic U.S. destinations this Thanksgiving (that is, destinations accounting for at least 1.0 percent of domestic air bookings), there are many places where Americans like to spend their vacations.

A changing world

"Everything flows" says already the ancient philosopher Heraclitus. Some things remain, only different!

The world after Corona will not exist, Corona remains, but in constant change. This changes our behavior, our actions, our technologies and our economy. Actually nothing new, but everything a little faster.

A changing world

Change is constant

Yes, the good old days! Were there? Basically not, because it was also only the "new" one Time after an "old, good time before that. So it was really good? Let's just say it was different. A valuation is simply neither possible, nor therefore meaningful. The reason for this is the ambivalence of the new. The discovery of nuclear fission has made atomic bombs possible, but in medical applications it has brought infinite good with it. It depends probably on what one makes of it. Once a wheel is rolling, you can stop it, you may be able to roll it back, but it remains a track.

Is there a time after Corona? No, there will not be. The virus remains, it changes its viral design, we may have vaccines against it and other drugs, similar to the flu. We also live with it – and not always well. At the same time, our society is changing. It always does, somehow, even without Corona, but at present it is remarkable, partly frightening, and we also suspect what all this means for our future. A return to the "old world does not exist either. What does it mean?

Increasing road safety with anti-submarining airbags

The designers of modern cars are focusing more and more on road safety. Accidents are simulated again and again with different dummies, exactly modeled on different people, in order to develop improvements to the vehicles. This increases the safety of driving for each individual. Different accident situations require differentiated safety precautions in order to minimize the number of injuries and fatalities in road traffic. Airbags were created in this course a few years ago. At first only in the front area by the driver, later also by the front passenger, they are intended to protect the occupants in the event of a rear-end collision. The airbag is part of the occupant restraint system in the vehicle and, in the event of an accident, opens within 20 to 50 milliseconds with a bang between vehicle interior parts and occupants. Somewhat later, other airbags were developed to protect the head and sides of the vehicle. Nowadays, in every new car you will find at least the two front airbags, in mid-range cars also side airbags in addition and in the higher class of course all types of airbags, whereby, depending on the angle of the collision and vehicle deceleration, only certain airbags open. The airbag serves as additional safety, but does not replace the safety belt. According to statistics, the airbags increase the chance of survival of the belted occupants by 30%.

New development in the history of airbags

One of the latest developments in airbags are the seat cushion airbags or anti-submarining airbags. They are located on the front seats in the front area and prevent slipping through the seat belt, thus eliminating the risk of sliding down into the front of the vehicle. This new airbag was developed by Renault in 2002 and is made of metal, which is mounted in the seat frame under the seat of the driver or front passenger. This is the world's first airbag that does not come into direct contact with the occupants as it is integrated into the steel frame. 0.3 mm thick sheets are welded together to form a closed container. Presented for the first time as a world first in the new Megane, it functions in the same way as conventional other airbags. In the event of a collision, two stages are activated simultaneously. The metal airbag is inflated with the help of a gas generator, which then presses against the seat cushion, this forms itself according to the pool impression. An exit port provides pressure equalization inside the vehicle. A pressure against the seat belt is created and the forces on the lumbar region and abdomen that occur in an accident are reduced. Pelvic movement and stretching is also reduced. First developed for the five-door Megane, a system was quickly released for the three-door Laguna. The third generation programmed restraint system, also called PRS III, was thus optimized, because the lateral, double belt tensioner on the outside of the seat only made it unnecessarily difficult for the rear occupants to get into the seat. This belt system is only suitable for the five-door models.

Rotenbachschlucht and ant trail

Our today's hike starts in Rotenbach in the Upper Black Forest. We are looking forward to the hiking highlight Rotenbachschlucht and the Ameisenpfad from the hiking parking lot Hardt. Along the way, there are numerous signs explaining flora and fauna. Everything is very understandable and suitable for children.

If you want to get an impression of the beautiful tour, but the route is too long for you, you can go left over the bridge after about one and a half kilometers and shorten the tour via Krebsgrabenweg and Ameisenpfad. Then it is approx. 4 kilometers.

In the check: non-cash benefits instead of salary increases?

Monetary benefits are a form of remuneration that goes beyond mere wages and is not paid in money. Their value is determined by their usefulness in everyday life: company car, cell phone, etc. Often, such benefits in kind are tax-free for both the employee and the employer – and usually easier to negotiate than gross salary. The bosses of smaller companies in particular are more likely to agree to it.

Monetary benefit or more salary?

Founding a car repair shop – the way to a successful company

Self-employment is a big issue in today's world. Many skilled professionals are toying with the idea of moving from salaried status to an entrepreneurial position, fulfilling a personal dream of their own. There is hardly any other sector in which self-employment has such a long tradition as in the skilled trades sector. Here, of course, the automotive sector immediately catches the eye: setting up your own workshop opens up attractive opportunities for experienced automotive mechatronics engineers whose heart beats for practice and business management. But what must be considered?

founding a car repair shop - the way to a successful company

Social enterprise does not mean impact

Social enterprise does not mean impact

On Purpose's associate program is a unique way to turn your career around. It shows, for one, the range with which entrepreneurship and social impact can be associated. On the other hand, it can introduce concrete career paths that lead to work that makes the world a little better every day. To learn more about this program, we at tbd* interviewed Meike Franck, an Associate. She talks about her impressions, social entrepreneurship, impact and how it should continue for her afterwards.

"Whether an organization calls itself a "social enterprise" or not is first independent of the actual positive impact."

Miele streams oven content to smartphone

Miele streams oven content to smartphone

New Generation 7000 built-in appliances from Miele promise a whole range of useful innovations. Almost all the appliances can be networked via WLAN and thus offer different functions.

Miele promises to make cooking easier with its 7000 generation of built-in appliances. To that end, Miele is implementing a number of innovations, such as a heatproof camera in the oven and a sensor-based digital assistant that makes sure the cake in the oven doesn't get too dry. On the new induction cooktops, up to six pots and pans can be placed and moved on the glass ceramic as desired, without having to select or connect cooking zones.