Proximal humerus fracture (fractured shoulder)

The shoulder is made up of three bones, the clavicle (collarbone), the scapula (shoulder blade) and the humerus (upper arm bone). The upper part of the humerus is called the proximal part of the bone. Many muscles surround your shoulder. These include the rotator cuff muscles, deltoid muscle, pectoral muscles and several strong back muscles. The arteries and nerves that supply your arm come out from under your collarbone and travel down your arm in front of your shoulder.

Proximal humerus fracture (fractured shoulder)

What to see in savannah georgia

Savannah, Georgia, has been known for years as a city of enduring charm. This charming city in the United States is located on the Atlantic coast and has become a popular tourist destination. Savannah offers an incredible variety of art galleries, fascinating historical monuments, colonial architecture, beautiful parks and delicious food. If you're considering a city break, here are some wonderful things to see in Savannah, Georgia.

Nissan gtr x in exchange for the inherited part

A Nissan GTR X in exchange for the inheritance – this deal was made by a dentist with his son. The young man was initially excited, but soon changed his mind. However, he had already confirmed the waiver of inheritance in writing and had to sue.

Marriages and relationships can fail, but you can't just say goodbye to your children. This applies in particular to financial obligations, which also include the inheritance portion. However, the descendants can voluntarily renounce their share of the inheritance. This is exactly what a dentist from Detmold wanted to persuade his son from a previous relationship to do and offered him a sports car in return. Initially, his plan also seemed to work.

The personal benefits of continuing professional education are great

Swiss education portal Ausbildung-Weiterbildung records over one million per year. This shows that the demand for courses and training remains high. But what about the satisfaction of graduates and the benefits of continuing education? We show you the results of our study on this in this blog.

What types of professional training are available?

Continuing professional development broadens and deepens the professional education you already have, while training imparts new knowledge and skills. In the case of continuing education courses, a distinction can be made between shorter formats lasting a few hours or days and longer continuing education courses lasting a few months or even years. Shorter courses are chosen primarily when an introduction to a new topic or selective reinforcement of existing knowledge is needed. Longer study or training courses are often about gaining comprehensive new knowledge and skills or confirming existing knowledge with a nationally or internationally recognized qualification.

Changing tires – marking tires

Most drivers have already changed their vehicle to summer tires. Finally, the temperatures are now good enough to bring the winter tires to summer quarters.

Who lets make this of the workshop and stores the tires also there has naturally no work and problems with it. But for many it is not worth it. The work of changing tires is not difficult.
And if you have a garage or a cellar you can store the tires comfortably yourself.