Rough fire in savannah nature park in brazil

Fires have already destroyed 10,921 square kilometers of protected natural areas in brazil this year. This corresponds to about one-third the size of belgium and twelve times the size of berlin. Landowners are said to have set some fires.

As the portal "O globo" reported on saturday with reference to the biodiversity institute chico mendes, more than 65,000 hectares of the national park chapada dos veadeiros in the state of goias, 200 kilometers north of the capital brasilia, also burned in october. The savannah landscape was declared a world heritage site by unesco in 2001. Park director fernando tatagiba said the fires were probably set by estate owners as a protest against the expansion of the protected area.

Financing for foreign properties

We also support you if you want to buy and finance a property outside Germany. We are currently focusing on Spain, Portugal, France and Denmark. If your property is located in another state, we can currently only provide you with coverage through a sog. Raise capital with a property in Germany as collateral.

Who wants to buy and finance a real estate in Spain, France, Portugal or Denmark, must adjust to completely different conditions and expirations than in Germany. If you think that everything is easier there than with us, you are mistaken. Especially the process of buying real estate has some stumbling blocks that you should know about.

Strategically on course thanks to courage and leadership

Strategically on course thanks to courage and leadership

The delegates' meeting (DV) of GastroGraubunden takes place every year in a different tourism region. After the host cities of Poschiavo and Davos, the largest hospitality employers' association in Graubunden organized the 109th edition of the event. issue in Savognin, as GastroGraubunden announced on Wednesday. The place where in 1978 pioneers started the first snowmaking system in the Alpine region and tourists from all over Europe made a pilgrimage there. On 28. March 2023, 150 representatives of the hotel industry, gastronomy, mountain railroads, politics, administration, business and education traveled to the family-friendly Jufa Hotel in the freshly snow-covered Val Surses.

Turnover partly better than before Corona

Although snow was scarce last winter, Franz Sepp Caluori, president of GastroGraubunden, had good news to report: "Most businesses had a very good winter season in terms of turnover – like before Corona or even better."However, it is also clear that the challenges for the hotel and catering industry are neither decreasing nor diminishing. The shortage of labor continues to worsen, a major consequence of demographic change.

Construction money interest rate development 2010 to date

Construction money interest rate development 2010 to date

Analyzing the last 10 years, it can be seen that the construction money interest rate development has a special influence during this period. Not only what concerns the interest rate. Also the purchase and financing behavior changes. Many regularities of the 2000s and the decades before are no longer valid today. The real estate market – and thus construction financing – is affected by new developments that will continue to have a lasting impact on buyer behavior and lending in the future.

Renting a granny apartment – what tenants and landlords have to pay attention to

If the general conditions are right, both parties benefit: both the tenants and the landlords of a granny flat. What you should pay attention to, what advantages you can expect and what else plays an important role in this topic, you will learn below.

When to speak of a granny annexe at all?

The so-called "Einlieger" helped this housing concept to get its name. In the past, this was the name given to agricultural workers who rented accommodation from farmers and supported them on their farms. In the years following the end of the Second World War, a law even obliged owners of new single-family houses to install granny apartments. This was to meet the shortage of living space at the time.