New leadership culture in the banking industry

In the industry, the issue of "lack of qualified specialists" has been known for a long time. What is the situation with banks??

The banking world has been struggling with a profound upheaval since the Corona pandemic, which is also reflected in the requirements and job profiles of managers – but the crisis has certainly accelerated this upheaval. As far as the availability of skilled workers is concerned, banks – in contrast to many other industrial sectors – are currently in a surprisingly comfortable situation. This is mainly due to the transformation and cost-cutting pressures of recent years, which have led many candidates to consider a change of industry: It started with managers in some places being paid lower bonuses and salaries or even zero rounds: "donuts instead of bonuses" was the motto. Many wanted – others had to change professionally. These places are now free.

Stress-free move in vienna

Stress-free move in vienna

Finally the dream house is ready, the key was handed over by the prefabricated house offerer in time and one has only one desire after an exciting time: to arrive in the new house and to settle in. But now it's time to move again, the last reserves of strength have to be activated. Because now you have to move all your belongings from the old place to the new house. Most of the time, more things have accumulated over the years than you think and you find yourself in a chaos of boxes and don't know where you put the socks or the coffee maker and where the box with the plates is. The good news: with a little planning, moving is effortless and stress-free. We have summarized a few tips for you for the final spurt.


Who hauls the boxes? Ideally, you will find enough willing and able helpers in your family and circle of friends. Go through your contacts and make a list of those who come into question. Ideally, this should include someone who is technically proficient. Because not only boxes have to be carried, but also boxes, cupboards and the bed have to be unscrewed and put back together again. Lamps must be professionally dismantled and re-hung. Organize the porters several months before the planned moving date, because if you can gather too few helpers, you will have to look for a suitable mover.

How to get a degree in interdisciplinary studies in the usa

An interdisciplinary major in the U.S. is a unique opportunity for students to design their own major by combining multiple fields of study into one cohesive program. This degree option allows students to explore a variety of interests and develop comprehensive skills that can be applied to a variety of industries. In this article, we will explore how to get a degree in interdisciplinary studies in the U.S. We will also cover relevant subtopics such as; Jobs for interdisciplinary studies, Salary for interdisciplinary studies, Can you teach with an interdisciplinary studies degree, Interdisciplinary studies in the US, How to list interdisciplinary studies degrees on your resume, Best paying jobs for interdisciplinary studies, Interdisciplinary studies vs. Double major, How do you describe interdisciplinary studies .

If you are interested in an interdisciplinary degree program, here are some steps to help you get started.

Linux – the silent revolution in edv

Linux was for a long time only something for freaks, for hobbyists and computer scientists. But now Linux is also becoming interesting for conventional users and users due to numerous advantages and increasing user-friendliness.

Linux is currently making its way into the consciousness of a broader public. While this was previously a topic for specialists, more and more companies are now taking an interest in it, for example. B. Siemens, Linde, Deutsche Flugsicherung (German air traffic control) and the Bayerische Dachziegelwerk Bogen (Bavarian roof tile factory). Cities such as Schwabisch Hall and Munich are also converting their IT systems to the free operating system. The main reasons cited for this move are the high level of stability and flexibility, coupled with significant cost savings. This is how Linux users save up to 30% of IT investment costs. Reason enough to take a closer look at this topic.

Reducing your ecological footprint: the best tips

The ecological footprint describes the size of an area needed to sustain a person's standard of living in the long run. This area is needed for the production of his food, his clothing, for his need of energy, for the utilization of his waste and for the binding of the emission of carbon dioxide caused by him. Researchers Mathis Wackernagel and William Rees developed the concept of the ecological footprint in 1994.

They described it as a kind of accounting system for the resources available on the planet. The total biocapacity of the Earth is derived from the varying biological productivity of its land areas. Oceans, lakes, deserts, pastures, steppes, fields, cities and roads are taken into account and represented in the form of the unit of measurement "global hectare.

Smart home: clever technologies for the home

Good when you don't have to think of everything yourself! Smart technologies have been making everyday life easier for years by taking over household tasks – leaving time and space for the really important things in life. Just as the first fully automatic washing machine revolutionized homes in 1950, programmable shutters, daylight alarm clocks and robotic vacuum cleaners are doing the same today.