Compare term life insurance

Compare term life insurance – a term life insurance policy should be taken out especially by families with small children. It is important that the main earner of a family takes out term life insurance, so that the survivors are sufficiently financially protected in the event of his death.

Compare term life insurance – secure real estate loan!

Furthermore, term life insurance can be used to secure a real estate loan. The death benefit should be as high as the outstanding balance of the mortgage loan.

Term life insurance is essential to protect survivors or current loans. For inexpensive contributions can already be made the important protection.

Compare term life insurance – benefits!

If the worst comes to the worst, the agreed sum insured will be paid out to surviving dependents. Thus, the resulting supply gap will be closed. The financial existence can thus be secured as far as possible. With existing construction financing, term life insurance is particularly important to secure the current obligations from the loan. In addition to family, business partners can also be covered in the event of an emergency.

Tip: The sum insured for term life insurance should be three to five times the annual income.

Compare term life insurance – choose the right rate!

Before taking out term life insurance, a thorough comparison is recommended. The available rates on the market differ significantly from the premiums. In addition, many tariffs offer important extras in the benefits. This includes, for example, a follow-up insurance guarantee. This ensures that the contract can be extended at a later date without a new health check. With some tariffs there is an additional benefit paid out if a serious illness occurs.

Before taking out a policy, it is advisable to use the following term life insurance calculator to find the right offer from a wide range of tariffs. A few details are sufficient to obtain a comprehensive overview.

Compare term life insurance – be honest before taking out a policy!

With the application, questions about health and possibly existing dangerous hobbies have to be answered at each company. These questions are to be answered with great care and truthfully. In addition, almost all providers differentiate between smokers and non-smokers when it comes to premiums. You should therefore answer all questions truthfully when making an application.

There should be no discrepancies later on so that the payout is not jeopardized in the event of a claim later on. Therefore, requesting your own medical records from your doctor or health insurance company in advance can be helpful.

Compare term life insurance – save now and find the right rate!

With the following online calculator, you can now select and conclude the term life insurance policy that is right for you.

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