Corona discount: how to get money back from your car insurance company

The Corona pandemic severely limited not only private gatherings in recent months. Public life also came to an almost complete standstill at times. Especially on the streets this was clearly noticeable. Commuters suddenly found themselves in their home offices, there were no freeway traffic jams during the vacation season, and city centers were also largely spared from the avalanche of cars and parking shortages. As a result, many motor insurers decided to let customers share in the resulting lower claims settlement burden.

Do all insurance companies pull in the Corona discount?

Corona caused a standstill worldwide and in this country that no one would have thought possible. For drivers, however, the pandemic has also brought positive side effects. For example, the accident rate decreased. That tipped the scales in favor of motor insurers having to settle fewer claims. Some of them now want to pass this relief on to their clients.

Germany's largest car insurer, HUK-Coburg, is playing a pioneering role in this area. But also other companies are gradually joining the voluntary premium refund to motor vehicle owners and motor vehicle owners. Allianz refers to the corona-related reduced mileage during the billing period, which customers must provide evidence of.

However, many car insurers are still hesitant about retroactive premium refunds. However, as the saying goes: "It doesn't cost anything to ask" and you cannot expect more than a rejection from your insurance company in this case.

Attention! Reimbursement is not automatic!

Even if your insurer generally approves premium refunds due to fewer kilometers driven during the Corona period, this does not mean that it will transfer money to your account without being asked to do so. In most cases, you as a customer are obliged to contact the company in this regard. As a rule, you will be asked to provide proof of driving performance, on the basis of which the insurer will decide on a possible premium refund.

Apply for a Corona discount: This is how it works!

The basis for applying for a Corona discount with the car insurance is that fewer kilometers were actually driven in the billing period. This may be the case, for example, if you have been working in your home office instead of on site due to Corona. The first step is to contact the insurance company. This is ideally done in writing – either by mail or e-mail.

Inform your insurance company about the mileage of your vehicle in this way. The insurer then checks a reduction to the next lowest billing level and usually reimburses you retroactively for the difference.

Our tip: If the insurance company refuses to reimburse you, it pays to be persistent. If it is certain that your insurer will reimburse in principle, simply try again with a new application.

Insurance change or Corona rebate: Which is more worthwhile?

Competition stimulates business. For end customers, this is a positive aspect, but it is seldom the case for car insurers. Instead, the latter are faced with a steadily increasing price war, which can usually only be won with lower premiums. In addition, the classic use of the car is declining, especially in large cities. The result is fewer and fewer contracts.

By offering the Corona discount, many insurers hope to strengthen customer loyalty and enhance their image among potential new customers. But it is worth sticking with the insurance company due to the retroactive premium refund if it is to be expected that after the pandemic the benefits will be over?

It is difficult to give a general answer to this question. Rather, other criteria should be examined in the run-up to a planned change to another insurance company, such as the benefits in the event of a claim and the possibility of personal support. Only here does the actual added value of the insurer become apparent.

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