Daycare center: where children feel secure

The children of the evangelische kindertagesstatte in bad staffelstein immediately buried visitors with curious glances and rough interest. "This shows that they feel very comfortable and secure with us", says kindergarten director beate wagner and laughs.

After the "ouch, after the children have been given a sticking plaster, it's time for a "fashion show" and finally to play in the kinderkuche. Especially here, where the youngest children are looked after and cared for, security plays a very important role for the child's development.

Rituals convey security

Even the names of the daycare groups "dwarf cave and "cuddle nest, are supposed to convey safety and security. These are the values by which we work and live in the daycare center. "I experienced this feeling particularly strongly through my grandmother. We did a lot together, went for walks and picnics. She was always there for me, and that's exactly the feeling I wanted to give the children in the nursery."

Rituals are also very important for the feeling of security: "this positive order offers them structure and security." for example, a "room song" becomes sung when the children put away their toys. They always know what's coming, and are not stressed by unsteady structures.

In addition, loving, appreciative treatment of the children is indispensable. "We take them and their feelings seriously", says beate wagner. Since many of the children are not yet able to speak properly, a lot of empathy is necessary to recognize their needs. "One must also admit that some children need it and demand it, for some it is completely different. Some have never sat on my shob before."

"We take special care to ensure that the atmosphere is positive, happy and at the same time calm and relaxed." the toys and the space have to match. It is also essential for the feeling of security that the teams work together harmoniously. "We talk a lot with each other, even if there are problems once. It is important that we colleagues get along well with each other", says beate wagner.

In addition to the children, their parents must feel at home in the daycare center, and beate wagner says: "they give us the most important thing in their lives – their child." parents are always welcome to stay with their children for a few hours during the settling-in period. Especially at this crucial time, the educators make sure that things are stress-free. The parents should also have the opportunity to see how the children are treated in the facility, what structures there are and much more.

The entire environment fits

The evangelical congregation is also very important for the feeling of security: "the building and the church are arranged around the kindergarten and the daycare center like a nest that offers security and protection. For us educators, the open ear and support of pastor matthias hagen provides a sense of security."

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