Golden pin of honor for Ernst Frank

The fishermen's association of lower franconia e.V. Honored longtime members. At the honoring afternoon on 4. November in retzbach, president thomas hartmann expressed his thanks for 40, 50 and even 65 years of loyalty to the association. His special thanks went to those who pass on their fishing knowledge to the next generations and thus "keep rekindling the fire for fishing"."

As a thank you for many years of loyalty to the association, honorary pins were awarded for 40 and 50 years of membership. Ernst frank from aura celebrated a very special anniversary. He has been a member of the fishing association for 65 years. For this he received the golden pin of honor with certificate and a present. His fellow fishermen gave him a big round of applause. For many years, frank has also been a member of the middle saale fishery cooperative, which works intensively to protect the fish population in its waters.

More than 12000 members

In his funeral speech, the president outlined the work of the association. They want to be a service provider for the benefit of their more than 12,000 members, says hartmann. Under the umbrella of the lower franconia fishing association, around 11,000 anglers are united with professional and part-time fishermen, some of whom are organized in traditional fishing associations on the main river, as well as fishermen's cooperatives and fishing rights holders on the side waters, pond keepers, trout breeders and water managers, and last but not least, the lower franconia fishing youth. Hartmann sees it as normal that there is friction between the different interest groups in the association. However, he is all the more pleased that the specialist groups nevertheless work together very constructively. Since the introduction of a delegate system two years ago, no department has been able to override the interests of others. Overall, the association is "moving in calm waters", according to the president.

Care and maintenance

The association is recognized as a nature conservation organization. Hartmann did not want to leave unmentioned the fact that despite this status, fishing is also vulnerable to attack. The main task of fishing is the preservation and care of fish stocks. Those who do not act according to the rules and in an animal-friendly manner when fishing on the water risk enormous trouble. The president went on to discuss a number of current tasks of the association. So the unchecked spread of beaver and otter becomes a problem. In addition, there are numerous conflicts with various water users, especially in the area of recreational activities on the rivers. A long-running dispute with the power plant operators on the river main, on the other hand, seems to be gradually easing. Better and better ideas for fish ladders were developed and tested. At the newest power plant in obernau am main, a construction with variable wood barrier instead of concrete is quite promising, he said. Hartmann: "we don't care about compensation payments, we want optimum living conditions for our native fish." this is also the reason for the association to join the "water pact of bavaria" been. .

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