Insurance against pipe water damage from the provinzial in heide


insurance against pipe water damage from the provinzial in heide


The alarm clock rings and you get out of bed. But something is different than usual. After a few seconds of reflection you realize that you are standing with your feet on the wet floor covering. Blood pressure rises and you hear a splashing sound. The noise comes from the bathroom on the upper floor.

In the bathroom, you find that a lot of water is leaking from the tiled wall above the sink faucet. Water has run everywhere and from the upstairs through the crawlspace to the first floor.

Water damage is most unpleasant

In the living room and in the kitchen on the ground floor the water comes through the ceiling. The water is a few centimeters in the ground floor. In the office and hallway water bulges have formed on the ceiling and are threatening to burst. When this happens a lot of water pours over the desk on which u.a. the screen and the laptop are.

There is water everywhere. The leather furniture, living room cabinets have become damp due to all the water. The freezer has failed due to all the water and the food there has already thawed out.

What do I do?

1. Keep a cool head, everything will be settled with the help of your Provinzial Versicherung in Heide (Dithmarschen)!

To prevent more water from coming out of the defective pipe, turn off the main water connection. You get in touch with your plumbing and heating company and then also contact your local Provinzial insurance company in Heide. You can contact us by phone around the clock. Also at the weekend.

Via your local Provinzial guardian angels in Heide, the building and/or household damage is then recorded by telephone. In order to quickly determine the amount of the damage incurred, your Provinzial Versicherung will arrange for an inspection and damage assessment to be carried out by a specialist field representative or a sworn expert.

Since your apartment or. If your house is uninhabitable due to the water damage, Provinzial Versicherung will work with you to plan a move-out and accommodation in a vacation home for the duration of the damage repair work. Because the accommodation costs are included in a current insurance coverage with the Plus model in the residential or. household insurance with an amount of 200.00 EUR/day for up to 200 days covered.

Your security: The accommodation of your family is taken care of. Thus, accommodation costs are reimbursed for the apartments or houses made uninhabitable by the water damage. The accommodation costs for z.B. Provinzial Versicherung Kiel will cover a vacation home for the repair period for up to 200 days.

You simply conclude a contract with the landlord for a planned period of time and the Provinzial insurance company assumes the costs via your residential building or building insurance company. household insurance the monthly rental costs.

The specialist companies chosen by you or the partner specialist companies suggested by the Provinzial insurance company then take over the repair of the damage together with you, your Provinzial guardian angels on site in Heide and the commissioned expert.

You are ready to go!

Your household goods will be properly packed by specialized companies with your help and then stored for the duration of the restoration of the living area.

The companies commissioned by you now gradually begin to remove the damage in the living area, e.g. the building.B. remove the soaked insulation material, the soaked wallpaper, the soaked floor coverings and dispose of them professionally. These costs are 100% covered by the current insurance policy with the Plus model.

Even if it is difficult, sit back!

You are insured with your residential building and/or household effects with the current Plus model at replacement value and with the inclusion of the underinsurance waiver clause your sum insured has always been adjusted accordingly.

As mentioned earlier, sit back and start planning. Which tiles, which color should the wallpaper have, the carpet or the. Laminate flooring. Or simply ask for advice from the specialist companies commissioned by you.

Your household goods affected by the damage can either be cleaned, as z.B. Your clothing, furniture can be professionally processed and if your furniture has been so badly damaged by the water that nothing can help, they will be disposed of and you will buy accordingly, comparable new. The day is here. You can go back home, you open the front door and nothing reminds you of that morning in question.

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