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If you drive a car, you can't do without it: car insurance. For good reasons, you are forced by law to take out at least a motor insurance in the liability variant. Nevertheless, you do not necessarily have to accept high costs. Before taking out a car insurance policy, it is always worthwhile to carry out an insurance comparison. On our site you will find a simple comparison option and much more, which deals with car insurance.

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What is actually the car insurance?

The car insurance is one of the compulsory insurances in Germany. If you want to drive a car on public roads, you are obliged to take out liability insurance. This simple form of auto insurance covers the costs you incur in a traffic accident to third party vehicles and property, as well as people. Thus, the car insurance is a mandatory insurance, but protects you from horrendous costs in case of emergency. After all, an accident incurs costs that you could often hardly bear on your own. The damage to other people's vehicles or property damage to buildings, barriers or guard rails are not even the costs that are the greatest evil. If you didn't have liability insurance and you injured people in a road traffic accident, you could easily ruin these consequential costs. Hospital fees, compensation for damages, even compensation for loss of earnings due to disabilities caused by the accident – these sums often consist of six-figure sums. Exactly from such imponderables the car insurance protects you. The ordinary car insurance covers personal injury and property damage up to a minimum amount required by law. It is important to know that the sums do not add up with each accident you cause, but that they can be paid again in full for each insured event.

Car insurance – liability or casco?

In conversations you will often be confronted with the partial cover insurance or the fully comprehensive insurance. On the other hand, you hear about liability, but how the different types differ from each other may not be clear to you. At the beginning one thing is true: The full and partial coverage insurance always includes the liability insurance.

Either – or does not apply. If you take out comprehensive insurance, simple liability is included in principle. The same applies to the partial cover. The different types refer rather to the additional services of your car insurance. In addition, most insurers increase the coverage of the liability as soon as a partial cover is chosen.

The partial casco with the car insurance

While third party liability is an insurance that only covers damage to third party vehicles, you also insure damage to your own vehicle through partial coverage. By the way, the price of the partial casco differs only slightly from the simple motor insurance with liability. In terms of content, however, it offers you much more, so you should definitely think about the extended protection. As a rule, the partial casco for a motor vehicle includes:

– Damage caused by the weather
– Glass breakage
– theft
– fire damage
– damage caused by game
– Storm damage

The weather damage mainly concerns damage to your vehicle caused by hail or storm. Thousands of vehicles are permanently damaged by hail every year and the costs of repair often amount to four-digit sums. If your car insurance includes this area, you can easily have dents caused by hail removed by the insurance company without having to pay additional fees. Storm damage, on the other hand, refers to flooding and the resulting moisture intrusion.

The inclusion of glass breakage is particularly practical. This is how fast your car in front pulls up a small stone on the highway, which hits your windshield. Due to the force of the impact a stone chip is created. This is not tragic in and of itself, at least unless it is directly in your field of vision. But the stone chip weakens your windshield. Cold or even a bump in the road can now cause your windshield to crack. Even more tragic, however, is impact damage to the side and rear windows. Here, the car manufacturers do not use safety glass, so that the window shatters directly into thousands of pieces. You can have the windshield repaired as soon as you have a stone chip via the partial cover of your car insurance. By the way, stone chips in the headlights are also included in the area of glass breakage.

Attention: A stone chip within the field of vision leads to the fact that the TuV is denied to you. Therefore, think about the replacement of the windshield in time.

Damage caused by game is usually included to a limited extent in partial casco insurance. If you collide with furred game, the costs are covered. Spring cattle or also accidents with domestic animals are not compensated by this form of the motor vehicle insurance.

The fully comprehensive insurance in the car insurance

If the partial casco is an extension of the liability insurance, you can call the comprehensive insurance the extension of the partial casco. It includes the points of the liability and partial cover insurance and expands them with useful services. For example, fully comprehensive car insurance includes accidents with furred game and feathered game. However, the most important factor for you concerns damage to your own vehicle. If you cause an accident, the comprehensive insurance now does not cover the damage to the third-party vehicle alone. Damage to your own vehicle will also be compensated financially. Since 2008, this even applies to damage caused by gross negligence. In these cases, however, the insurance company settles according to the severity of the case. So you don't get your complete costs reimbursed, but a quite remarkable share.

The fully comprehensive insurance in the car insurance is always worthwhile for you if you purchase a new car. In particular, if you finance the vehicle through a loan, you should not shy away from the additional costs of car insurance under any circumstances. As a rule, you deposit your vehicle registration certificate with the financing partner, so that he can sell your car on his own authority if the monthly installments are not made. If there is an accident, the value of the vehicle decreases. But even if you always pay your installments on time, an accident hits you hard. In the worst case your car suffers a total loss. You would now have to continue paying the financing installments without even owning a vehicle anymore. In this case, the fully comprehensive insurance also serves to protect your assets.

As a rule, leasing contracts require the conclusion of comprehensive insurance.

Reduce the cost of car insurance

You can have a massive effect on the monthly, quarterly and annual costs for third-party liability as well as fully comprehensive and partially comprehensive insurance. You have the possibility to conclude every contract with a deductible. This leads to the fact that you pay a contractually fixed sum out of your own pocket in the event of damage, but pay lower insurance rates for it.

In addition, you can affect the rates. A monthly payment method is generally more expensive, calculated on the annual amount, than quarterly or semi-annual billing.

Cancel and change your car insurance?

Basically, you can not simply cancel a car insurance and change overnight to another insurer. This only works if you sell your old vehicle and register a new car. However, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the annual cancellation period. Each year, you can pay up to 30. November cancel their contract with the car insurance at the end of the year and from January choose another insurer. From September you should therefore keep an eye on the insurance comparison and compare the individual offers with each other. Since this is very tedious to do on your own, we offer you an insurance comparison for car insurance on our site. All you need to do is enter your place of residence, enter the details of your vehicle and answer a few questions, and our comparison calculator will tell you which rates are particularly favorable for you. Of course, you are now free to take out the insurance right away. After your insurance contract has been accepted, you will receive an insurance certificate by e-mail, which you can use when registering your new vehicle.

Try the insurance comparison for car insurance on our site. Regardless of whether you want to register a new car or whether you want to save money from now on – a comparison is worthwhile and is advisable every year anew. Do not pay more than you absolutely have to.

You can save several hundred euros per year on the insurance premium. Test our car insurance calculator and change your expensive provider today!

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