Corona discount: how to get money back from your car insurance company

The Corona pandemic severely limited not only private gatherings in recent months. Public life also came to an almost complete standstill at times. Especially on the streets this was clearly noticeable. Commuters suddenly found themselves in their home offices, there were no freeway traffic jams during the vacation season, and city centers were also largely spared from the avalanche of cars and parking shortages. As a result, many motor insurers decided to let customers share in the resulting lower claims settlement burden.

Do all insurance companies pull in the Corona discount?

Corona caused a standstill worldwide and in this country that no one would have thought possible. For drivers, however, the pandemic has also brought positive side effects. For example, the accident rate decreased. That tipped the scales in favor of motor insurers having to settle fewer claims. Some of them now want to pass this relief on to their clients.

Save health insurance premiums now with the 5 tips of css insurance

Year after year, healthcare costs rise and with them health insurance premiums. While the increase in 2020 was very moderate, we could be facing a premium shock as early as next year. So it's high time to optimize your premium now and save money. CSS Insurance shows you how easy it is with these five tips.

1. Increase deductible

The deductible is an insured person's annual contribution to his or her own healthcare costs and can be freely chosen within the range of 300 to 2,500 francs. As soon as the costs of doctor's visits, medication or treatment exceed the deductible rate, your health insurance will cover the costs. The higher the deductible rate, the lower the premium. So if you are rarely sick, the experts at CSS Insurance advise you to increase your deductible rate to save up to 43 percent on premiums.

Interesting advantages of online education

Interesting advantages of online education

The concept of distance education: founded in 1856 in Berlin (Germany), Russia received the recognition of distance education in the world. In 1924 the first testing machine was invented. This device allowed students to test themselves. In 1954, Harvard professor BF Skinner invented the "learning machine" that schools could use to provide planned education for their students.

A brief history of online education