Adelsdorf: where the heavy rain falls

Adelsdorf: where the heavy rain falls

Heads could be seen smoking on wednesday evening in the hall of the SC adelsdorf. The cause was the dangers of heavy rain, which the municipality of adelsdorf intends to face. As a bavarian pioneer in the field, the company elektro amon from adelsdorf, together with the herzogenaurach-based specialist office spekter, developed a system to prevent and avert damage from heavy rainfall.

The first step was already taken in mid-2018 to identify hazards. Step 2, planning protective mitigation, should be completed by mid-year. 75 percent of the costs, amounting to 150000 euros each, are borne by the ministry of the environment, the rest by the municipality of adelsdorf.

Blackberry boss: “i have a hell of a long breath”

Blackberry boss: "i have a hell of a long breath"

On the occasion of the launch of the new blackberry 10 operating system, heins (55) spoke to the dpa news agency about his plans, the many doubts about the future of the company and what blackberry can learn from formula 1 world champion sebastian vettel.

Mr. Heins, even as blackberry launches its new devices, they are met with much skepticism. How do you answer the doubts?

Weinstein trial: exculpatory witnesses through – soon to be pladoyers

The sensational rape trial against former film mogul harvey weinstein is entering the home stretch. After the 67-year-old's defense finished questioning its exculpatory witnesses on tuesday, the closing arguments by weinstein's camp and the prosecution are now scheduled for the end of the week.

Starting tuesday, the twelve jurors are expected to retire for deliberations to decide on weinstein's guilt or innocence. It also became clear on tuesday that weinstein himself will not testify in his trial. This would have been possible, but with considerable risks for the defense in the event of a crossfire.

Herzo base now has eight energy-efficient houses

Eight happy families could receive the certificate "health passport" on wednesday for your terraced house on ludwig-quidde-strabe in the "herzo base II" development area receive. The "lighthouse project, eight energy storage houses built by the company raab baugesellschaft in cooperation with industrial partners as part of an innovative research project of the technical university of nurnberg (encn) has been completed.

The idea for the new construction of the innovative energy-efficient houses came about at the beginning of 2012 through the agenda 21 energy working group in herzogenaurach. "Wolfgang schoepe didn't give mrs. Raab a moment's peace, and it took him almost a year to convince the managing director", said building biologist constance kopke from the company raab und lieb about the project. It was a long and difficult process, because the right companies had to be brought on board.

Open sunday attracts many people to ebermannstadt

In bright sunshine a street musician sang "stand by me" on sunday – in german "stand by me – at the market place in ebermannstadt. "It would have been comfortable for us if we had done nothing. But we want to do everything we can to support our business people", said first mayor christiane meyer (NLE). She told that it was church sunday. The consecration of the marienkapelle was celebrated: "this is the real ebermannstadter church." this year, however, the service had taken place in the coarser saint nicholas church.

Afterwards, the mayor made her way through the city. There, for example, they met emily koch from weibenohe with her parents, who was celebrating her ninth birthday over ice cream. The family enjoyed the day with shopping opportunities. Wolfgang dresel and karl winkler presented a gift at the "textile winkler" clothing store the ladies roses. "Today is grobkampftag for the whole family. We have a good concept and there are many customers who are very disciplined", said wolfgang dresel and explains that with the right concept you can be successful even in a rural area.

New leadership culture in the banking industry

In the industry, the issue of "lack of qualified specialists" has been known for a long time. What is the situation with banks??

The banking world has been struggling with a profound upheaval since the Corona pandemic, which is also reflected in the requirements and job profiles of managers – but the crisis has certainly accelerated this upheaval. As far as the availability of skilled workers is concerned, banks – in contrast to many other industrial sectors – are currently in a surprisingly comfortable situation. This is mainly due to the transformation and cost-cutting pressures of recent years, which have led many candidates to consider a change of industry: It started with managers in some places being paid lower bonuses and salaries or even zero rounds: "donuts instead of bonuses" was the motto. Many wanted – others had to change professionally. These places are now free.

Theorist or packer? What you should know about studying and training

Whether you should study or rather do an apprenticeship after your school years is an important question. Because it is you who decides how you shape your professional future. For this reason, you should start thinking about it in good time: Is an apprenticeship or a degree program right for you?? Perhaps one is to follow the other as well?

Of course, there are students who have known for years what they want to be when they take a. Therefore, they have long since started to think about how to manage it. Choose the path via the university or a training company? Most people, however, and this is certainly reassuring to know, do not yet have a concrete plan at the beginning of their final year of schooling.

What do i need to know about renting a car in panama??

Is it safe to drive a rental car in Panama??

If you're staying near Panama City or all of your planned destinations are right on the Pan American Highway, you should be fine with a two-wheeler. Although most Panamanians drive stick shift vehicles, automatics are available at all car rental agencies, although you should expect to pay a little more.

What you need to know about renting a car?

  • Use a credit card when you pick up the car. .
  • Children cost more to drive rental cars. .
  • Keep drivers to a minimum. .
  • Browse car insurance policies. .
  • Try not to rent a car at the airport. .
  • Stay on paved roads. .
  • Fill up the tank before you return the car.

Is it easy to drive in Panama??

Driving in Panama is a pretty safe and easy thing to do.

Americans travel to thanksgiving despite corona

Many Americans booked last-minute domestic flights this year to celebrate Thanksgiving with family or vacation in the sun (or snow) – despite the particularly rampant corona pandemic in the U.S. and the currently struggling airline industry. This is what research by the travel analytics company ForwardKeys has shown.

In a ranking of the top domestic U.S. destinations this Thanksgiving (that is, destinations accounting for at least 1.0 percent of domestic air bookings), there are many places where Americans like to spend their vacations.