Pet for children – yes or no? ” the best tips for parents



Black Beauty, Lassie, Flipper or Paw Patrol – the animal series heroes save their friends from dangerous situations. They are playmates and comforters to whom children entrust the greatest secrets.

The animal as a best friend – this does not only exist in the movies.

So should we grant our children their wish for guinea pigs, dog& Co. fulfill? Should perhaps a rabbit gnaw on the Christmas tree?

If you are currently faced with this very question, here are a few decision-making aids for – or against it.

Pets & Children – Best friends?

Only if everything is right!

An animal is proven to be good for the psyche, not only for children, but also for adults. Pets:

  • motivate to play and exercise indoors and outdoors
  • they awaken hidden resources
  • stimulate positive feelings
  • and promote communication – beyond television, X-Box and tablet.

A pet gives, if it is held correctly, unconditional love. This is good for you! Studies show that children who grow up with animals have a better immune system. Preschool children with pets develop faster than peers without animals.

Pet – Yes or No?

6 questions to help you decide

However, all this works only if the animal itself and the "trappings" fit. Answer these 6 questions to see if and which pet is a good fit for you and your family:

Do you have someone who can and wants to take on the responsibility for a pet on a permanent basis??

This responsibility looks completely different depending on the type of animal. While a cat, mouse, hamster or guinea pig "only" needs to be fed, the cage or toilet cleaned and some playtime scheduled, a dog needs to be walked regularly. And no matter how big or how small it is, even in rain, storm and snow. In emergencies, the dog has to go out sometimes at night.

Here the parents are thus still much more strongly in the responsibility.

Generally speaking, whichever animal you choose – you will always be jointly responsible as an adult. Only in this way can you ensure that the animal is always well.

Does our housing situation permit the keeping of a pet?

An animal needs place – and no matter whether guinea pig, fish, cat or dog.

Landlords are not allowed to write a general ban on pets into the lease today. Nevertheless, the animal must of course fit into the house or apartment.

By the way, it is a widespread misconception that only a small dog belongs in a small apartment. At home every dog should "lie down" and rest. The walks are there to let off steam. And these must be appropriate and extended for both large and small dogs.

Are you willing to spend an average of 100 euros a month on your pet – in addition to the purchase?

How much money do you want and can you raise for the animal?

An animal costs real money. After the acquisition it needs

  • Stable, basket, terrarium o. a.
  • Good food every day
  • Equipment such as a leash, collar u.a.
  • Toys etc.
  • And every now and then it has to go to the vet, for vaccinations or when it is sick. Unfortunately, this also happens with animals. Today you can even take out health insurance for the dear four-legged friends!

If a family member has an allergy to certain animals?

Allergies to cats, rabbits and guinea pigs are particularly common. It is better to check it out before buying a pet.

Fits a pet into our life concept?

This sounds abstract at first. But the question has its justification. Are you z. B. a family that travels very often, you should think about what to do with your pet then.

Bringing along is really only possible on manageable car or train trips, and even then only if the vacation home accepts animals – and the animal will be comfortable there. Two weeks on the beach in midsummer are z. B. for a husky surely a torture.

In the meantime, you can travel almost anywhere with a dog, but you pay extra for the four-legged friend, for the train ride and for accommodation.

The alternative is to have a trusted person take care of your pet at home for so long. This can then also be associated with costs.

Can all family members fully respect the pet?

Especially with young children, parents need to make one thing clear from the start: a pet is not a toy, but a living being with a will of its own that we must respect.

Pulling its tail, chasing it around the apartment or even dressing it like a doll – all this is not allowed at all. If this happens, it can be that the animal either resists – and for example scratches or bites, or it becomes ill.

In the worst case, an incorrectly treated animal can even die.

All clear? Well then have fun!

Have you answered yes to all the questions?

Then you are now only faced with the choice of the appropriate pet. Here is a very last tip: it is always a good idea to check at the animal shelter. There are many abandoned small animals there looking for a new home.

Especially with dogs and cats, however, if you have no previous experience with pets, you should pay close attention to ensure that the animal is not so damaged by its previous life that you as the owner will be overwhelmed.

Now have fun with your new housemate!

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