Provider for credit without schufa: serious & without advance costs

Provider for credit without schufa: serious & without advance costs

For those in need of credit, it's important to make sure the associated costs are as low as possible. Consumers can apply for one at creditolo, for example. Unlike many other credit brokers, creditolo does not burden its customers with the so-called. Preliminary costs – consumers can easily save fees here.

Experience makes it possible: credit without Schufa / reputable / without upfront costs

creditolo is an entrepreneur-led company based in Halle (Saale) with an impressive track record:

  • successfully active for over 13 years
  • over 37.000 credits disbursed
  • trained bankers, so experts in the staff
  • many positive reviews on the web

Who registers with or. who gets advice from creditolo, gets u. U. more than a credit without Schufa, serious& without upfront costs: The comprehensive analysis of a client's financial situation by the staff of creditolo can help to find possible mistakes in previous and rejected credit requests to other companies. The verdict "Rejected!" of other lenders is not even rarely based on errors or mistakes in processing, whether on the part of the customer or on the part of the credit institution. The employees of creditolo know the Schufa, the strengths and weaknesses of the system as well as typical sources of error – but above all ways how to correct errors and if necessary. a comparatively expensive credit without Schufa or. can bypass without any upfront costs.

Characteristics for a reputable credit provider

A little notepad for clients who need a loan and want to be sure to apply for it with a trusted provider:

  • … that the company headquarters is located within Germany or. the EU is located – companies that work there are subject to EU law and that pays attention to consumer protection
  • … that contracts for the application for a loan are not too extensive, and are comprehensible and understandable. A layman can hardly understand legalese without professional help – therefore avoid contracts with a lot of incomprehensible small print!
  • … that easily comprehensible calculation examples show quite clearly, on which monthly loads one gets involved with a contract conclusion
  • … that the credit broker is not new on the market. Lending is a matter of trust and experience. No one gains experience in the blink of an eye.
  • … that there are independent positive evaluations in the Web, if possible such, which somewhat more in detail the strengths and also if necessary the strengths of the dog. describe the weaknesses of a company. ATTENTION: Pay attention to the independence of the sources when viewing customer reviews!

Uncomplicated& fair to the credit: without Schufa information and without upfront costs, only if it is necessary

It may be necessary or desirable for many reasons to apply for a loan without Schufa information. If you are looking for a trustworthy provider for this purpose, the top priority is often to avoid the Schufa information, but as a layman you have often not exhausted all the possibilities that are open to a credit seeker.

It is worthwhile to listen carefully to the credit professionals at creditolo, because they can take a critical look at previous unsuccessful credit applications of their clients, but also give competent advice if a financial predicament can be improved or even remedied, for example, by rescheduling the debt. They only advise the comparatively expensive loan offer without Schufa and without upfront costs, if no more favorable way of lending is available.

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