Stairlifts – subsidies and cost absorption by health insurance companies

The installation of a stair lift in a private home can help the person concerned to achieve greater independence and freedom of movement, thereby significantly improving their quality of life. People with limited mobility can thus remain in their familiar surroundings and move freely and under their own power, even over several floors, without having to rely on a caregiver. With an external lift the concerning can remain so also in an environment, in which still no barrier liberty is given and leave nevertheless independently the house.

Tips for buying a stairlift


stairlifts - subsidies and cost absorption by health insurance companies


However, the purchase costs for a stair lift are relatively high compared to other aids for the walking impaired and, depending on the type and structural conditions, also increase in height. Since this investment usually requires a financial strength, which particularly seniors or by

persons limited in their ability to work, cannot easily raise, interested parties should inform themselves with the various possibilities of cost coverage by external parties and, if the specified requirements are met, make the appropriate application.

Funding and financing options for the purchase of a stair lift

When buying a new or used stairlift system, as well as when renting such an object, the interested party can take advantage of various subsidy and financing options. In addition to installment payments and financing offers from partner banks, which are offered through the manufacturer, the customer can also apply for a stairlift cost assumption by government agencies, such as the Federal Employment Agency or war welfare.

Depending on the initial situation that necessitates the use of such an aid, such as an accident at work or a war injury, various cost units take on responsibility here.
Stairlift cost assumption by the health insurance companies or. Health insurance

Basically, a stairlift cost coverage by health insurance companies or. health insurances cannot be guaranteed, since the legal health insurances do not classify a stair lift as an aid, since this is not carried directly on the body of the person concerned. Thus, unlike a bathtub lift, for example, a stair lift can not be prescribed by the attending physician on prescription.

However, there is the possibility to apply for a subsidy for the purchase of a stair lift through the long-term care insurance, if the user has already been classified in a care level. In accordance with the regulations in the Social Code, this then supports measures that significantly improve the independence and home care of the needy person.

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