Term life insurance despite chronic illness

Term life insurance is one of the most important insurances for the financial security of families. However, it is not always easy to conclude an appropriate contract. For example, not if the person to be insured suffers from a chronic illness with a long-lasting and slowly progressing course of disease. Because chronic illnesses are often such a high risk factor for insurers that either

  • Do not want to offer insurance coverage, or
  • Demand a significantly higher contribution than normal.



When the pollen flies, allergy sufferers are dealt a bad hand. But even when taking out term life insurance, they often have a harder time because of their chronic disease.

The severity of the symptoms is decisive in the case of a chronic illness

However, not every chronic illness is an insurmountable obstacle, but rather it depends on the severity of the symptoms. A normally pronounced allergy is usually not a problem. However, if this is associated with asthmatic complaints, a normal inclusion in the term life insurance is usually no longer given.

But not all insurers are the same. Some insurers are extremely reluctant, quickly reject an application or demand significant premium surcharges. Other insurers are more accommodating and allow unlimited coverage despite clear risk factors.

Find willing term life insurers by invitation to tender

In order to still be able to arrange term life insurance for customers with a chronic illness, we are happy to resort to the tried and tested means of tendering. In this way, we get an overview of which insurer would be willing to cover the insurance at all. Since this is only an inquiry and not an application, there can be no rejection, which in turn would make any further application more difficult. This way of working is ultimately more time-consuming, but it definitely delivers better results for our customers.

Term life insurance for high-risk illnesses

Sometimes, however, there are chronic illnesses (for example, cancer) for which the search for term life insurance does not lead to satisfactory results at first glance. But here, too, we have acquired extensive specialized knowledge over time, which enables us to still find solutions that have helped our customers very often. Here's an overview of "severe cases".

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