The municipality saves the reduction of the fees

The municipality saves the reduction of the fees

The municipal council meeting in the adelsdorf aischgrundhalle started on wednesday evening with the presentation of the calculation results of the wastewater fees by dieter meixner of the bavarian municipal auditing association.

Already in september 2018, the municipality gave the order for the recalculation for 2020 to 2023, but due to a staff shortage, this had to be postponed to 2020. "Adelsdorf has had a "split fee" since 2012, divided into wastewater and stormwater, meixner explained at the beginning of his presentation. He explained to the committee in detail how the fees are made up and which events have an influence on them.

"Actually, the fees had gone down", he said, and that it was decided to keep them at the current level because "from 2024 onwards, significantly higher fees will be incurred due to the completion of the high-load digestion". Meixner explained that the fact that the fees remained the same, until 31. December 2023 a cushion in the amount of 961063 euros could be saved, so that a part of the upcoming increase from 2024 could be absorbed. For example, for the period 2020 to 2023, 3.27 euros per cubic meter will be charged for wastewater, and 0.37 euros per square meter for precipitation water.

Norbert lamm (SPD) asked by how much the fees would increase if the amount was not saved, to which meixner replied that it was at least 60 cents up to a euro.

Bubel misses documents

Jorg bubel (SPD) criticized the fact that no documents had been submitted to the committee in advance, so that adequate preparation had not been possible. He wanted a recalculation of the development costs, since these had not changed since 2011, and in a long monologue, in addition to questions about wastewater quantities, he asked, among other things, about the investments that had not yet been made, which were taken into account in the calculation. In addition, he would like more precise information on how the figures were arrived at.

"You've been on the council long enough and you know where the numbers come from.", mayor karsten fischkal () countered. "The question about the missing documents bounces off me", explained meixner "i got the figures from your budget plan. I've done this to the best of my ability and based on your figures."

Ralf olmesdahl (ABWI) agreed with bubel on the lack of documentation and explained "because of the influx of wastewater from hemhofen, I assumed that this would have a positive effect on the taxpayer." he also brought up the fact that the building permit for the high-load digester has not yet been passed.

Fischkal explained that the inflow from hemhofen has only existed since 2020, whereupon meixner explained that he had worked with the discharge figures from 2019. "I'm glad we don't have to go up with the fees.", said tim scheppe (), and fischkal added: "everyone wants us to lower the fees, but we have to face reality."

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