Volksbank p-account open

Here you will find all the essential information about the Volksbank P-Konto (garnishment protection account). On the "Volksbank P-Konto", credit balances in the amount of 1330.16 euros are protected from the access of creditors. To benefit from the P-Konto protection you have to apply for a P-Konto conversion at your Volksbank branch. This is also valid retroactively for another 4 weeks. You will immediately receive the basic protection. an increased allowance is possible with certification. Reasons for increased P-account allowance are maintenance payments or social or asylum benefits for other persons in the household. Likewise, child benefit and some other benefits on the P account for increased protection entitle. The prerequisite for the extended protection is a P account certificate by the account holder at the credit union.

If you are wondering which bank you can open a P-Konto with due to negative Schufa entries or a bad credit rating, we do not recommend opening a P-account at Volksbank. The bank will refuse to open an account after checking the Schufa and will probably leave you out in the cold. If you want to open a P-account with bad credit rating, you need an account without Schufa query. In the article P-Konto eroffnen – Welche Bank? – The 6 best P accounts you will find here some recommendations. In addition, with some of these accounts you even save on account management fees. A P account at Volksbank is by no means free of charge – in contrast to our alternatives. Therefore, be sure to take a look at the best P accounts.


Volksbank p-account open


Your P-Konto is a regular checking account with the following restrictions:

  • You cannot overdraw it (no overdraft facility)
  • the Volksbank will not provide you with a credit card for use with the P-Konto. But you can use a free credit card without Schufa complementary.

If you had a credit card and overdraft facility before converting your account into a P-Konto, the Volksbank will probably cancel these benefits.

Posting procedures for the P-account

Partly P accounts are checked manually. Z.b. the cashier calls the garnishment department and gets the release over the phone about the available money. As a result, credits may not be available to you until later. However, banks may not deliberately disadvantage P-Konto customers. If it takes a little longer, here helps: stay cool. Do not stress unnecessarily, the bank books the money in 1-2 days!

What are the fees for the P-Konto? Charges the Volksbank for the P-Konto extra fees?

None. This is not allowed. The fees for a P-Konto may not be higher than the fees for a regular current account. You have the right to reclaim fees that are higher than the fees for a normal checking account. Likewise, the conversion of your current account into a P-Konto must be done free of charge by the bank.

How to change the P-Konto to another bank?

Theoretically, the change of the P-account is just as possible as with a regular current account. But be careful: If you change the bank, this means that you would have to open a P-Konto at your new bank from the start. But banks are not obliged to do so. Probably offer you a basic account at worse conditions.

Lucky is who already has a second current account at another bank. Then, before converting your new checking account into a P-Konto, you would have to close your old P-Konto first. According to the legislature, each person may have only one garnishment protection account.

Negative Schufa! – What now? Do I still get a Volksbank P-Konto?

Situation: "I have received a garnishment notice, I am unhappy with my current bank and I can not get an account with another bank because of negative Schufa. What can I do?"

Answer: In our list of the 7 best banks to open a garnishment protection account, you will find banks that despite negative Schufa banks open for people with poor credit rating.

P-Konto too much money on it?


Volksbank p-account open


What will happen to the protected balance on the garnishment protection account in the next month or the month after next?

Situation: "I work part-time and get about 900 EUR net. Currently, I have a garnishment running and am faced with the question of whether I can take my unused allowance with me into the next month. Does the bank garnish the money in the following month, since I am then above the tax-free amount??"

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