What to see in savannah georgia

Savannah, Georgia, has been known for years as a city of enduring charm. This charming city in the United States is located on the Atlantic coast and has become a popular tourist destination. Savannah offers an incredible variety of art galleries, fascinating historical monuments, colonial architecture, beautiful parks and delicious food. If you're considering a city break, here are some wonderful things to see in Savannah, Georgia.

1. The most outstanding tourist attractions in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia It's a little slice of southern living. It is located in the state of Georgia, next to two beautiful rivers, Savannah and Tybee Island, and is surrounded by beautiful beaches. It is an ideal tourist destination for those who want to explore the state and enjoy all it has to offer. Here we present the top tourist attractions that you can't miss when visiting Savannah, Georgia.

  • Bonaventure Park: a place to relax and have a good time listening to birdsong. It's full of exotic trees and plants, as well as wonderful artwork that will transport you to another world. Bonaventure Park on Bonaventure Road is one of the top tourist attractions in Savannah, Georgia.
  • Savannah Square: this historic square in downtown Savannah is home to many historic buildings and monuments, including the Obelisk Freedom Monument. Square of Savannah It is ideal for hiking and entertainment with the culture of the region.
  • Georgia Museum of History: The Georgia Museum of History in Savannah Square transports visitors back in time. At the museum, you can see historical paintings and objects related to the region and learn more about its history and culture through interactive exhibits.

Along the Georgia coast, there are also natural beaches like Tybee Island or Bybrook Island. These areas are filled with wildlife, palm trees and beautiful views. Once there, you can enjoy a beautiful sunny day, swimming, bird watching, indulging in water sports like surfing and sunbathing while sampling some of the exquisite recipes of the region's signature dishes. Tybee Island, located 25 miles northwest of the city, was once considered an important tourist destination. If you have been dreaming of a relaxing vacation on a beautiful beach, Tybee Island in Savannah, Georgia, is the ideal place to fulfill your dreams.

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Another great tourist attraction in Savannah, Georgia, is Savannah Harbor. The largest port on the east coast of the United States is famous for its architecture and because cruise ships and commercial products are born here. Visitors can enjoy yachting, stroll through the tourist ports and take a small cruise in the center of the city.

2. The history of the city of Savannah and its positivist colonial style

Savannah and its colonial architectural style

Savannah, a beautiful small Georgian city, is a city full of history and beautiful traditional architectural styles. In the 1700s and 1800s, many European settlers, mainly French and Irish, decided to settle in the city, bringing with them the remarkable colonial architectural style made possible by the European neoclassical movement.

It is the positivist colonial architectural style that has given this city a different look than other cities or nearby cities. The neoclassical style is used in many of the city's structures, from the historic palaces to some of the vibrant parks located there and the beautiful plantations that have served as homes to many families in their long and careful history.

Savannah has many monuments that use this architectural style. Highlights include Fort Pulaski National Monument, Christ Church, the City of Savannah Brewery and Malting Factory, the City of Savannah Paper Mill, the City of Savannah Carriage Park, the Garden Colonial City of Savannah and many other structures built in this architectural style.


Savannah is a city with a long history. The influence of the European neoclassical movement, created by settlers in the late XNUMX. and early XNUMX. The colonial style that was worn in the nineteenth century can be seen in the many colonial structures in the city. These historic landmarks are an integral part of Savannah's history.

3. The beautiful parks and gardens that Savannah offers

Savannah is one of those cities that time has not touched and whose charm still endures. Among its wonders, its parks and gardens stand out, for which the city has become known. Below you can enjoy the main green spaces:

  • Forsyth Park: it features an open-air theater, swimming pool and sports field. It goes deep into the heart of the city, surrounded by typical classical architecture.
  • Savannah Botanical Garden: it is located in the historic district of Savannah Olandes. In this place we can find a great variety of plants and trees, as well as the imposing Moorish tower.
  • Daffin Park: one of the most modern parks in Savannah. It has a number of activities that children can enjoy. There you can also find the Eisenhower golf course.

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In Savannah, each park offers a different experience. If you are a sports lover, Forsyth is your place. If you want to lose yourself in nature, the Savannah Botanical Garden will amaze you with its impressive variety of trees and plants. Finally, if you're in town to relax, Daffin Park offers an ideal walk for the whole family.

We cannot forget to mention that these spaces offer a variety of activities and events related to the culture of Savannah. You can enjoy them all by visiting the official website of Savannah Tourism.

4. Savannah's museums and institutions to explore

Savannah, Georgia, is a classic and historic setting that offers visitors a variety of places to explore. Savannah's museums and institutions are an important part of the city, where you can learn and experience a little more about Savannah's history and significance.

La Horton House Museum It is one of the first places visitors should have on their list to explore. This neoclassical guest house from the XNUMX. This nineteenth-century museum has a display of artifacts, documents and other memorabilia related to Savannah's history. The museum offers guided tours and activities for young and old to learn about the culture of this city.).

La Savannah Historical Foundation is another useful destination to learn more about Savannah's historical heritage. It is dedicated to supporting the preservation of United States architecture and culture through bibliographic studies, knowledge promotion and educational activities. These activities include seminars and lectures, posters and workshops, guided tours and historical paintings. In addition, there is also a museum in the main building.

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If you want to learn more about the history of aviation, you can visit the Mighty Eighth Museum It is an excellent option. The museum is located in Pooler, Georgia, less than a 20-minute drive from Savannah. The museum has an interactive theater, photo exhibits, historical documents, World War II aircraft and even a restored B-17 aircraft for you to explore.

There are many other museums and institutions to visit in Savannah, such as Pinckney House, the Jepson Center for the Arts, and Lafayette Monument. These are some of the places that all visitors must not miss when traveling to Savannah.

5. Recreational activities available in Savannah

In Savannah, Georgia, there are many recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Between the many parks, museums, beaches, and much more, there is something for everyone.

Recreational parks

The city of Savannah has theme parks for all interests. Visitors can enjoy fun for all ages, from water parks to amusement parks. Some of these parks include Tybee Island Amusement Park,Amusement Park on Tybee Island, Jungle Rapids Family Amusement Park,Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park and the Georgia State Fairgrounds.Fairgrounds of the State of Georgia


Savannah is also full of museums, each offering a unique insight into the region's culture. Among them, the Sedgwick Museum,Sedgwick Museum, the Georgia State Railroad Museum,Georgia State Railroad Museum and the Massie Heritage Center,Massie Heritage Center.


Residents and tourists can enjoy a day at the beach, sunbathing or swimming in Savannah's calm blue waters. Some of the most popular beaches are Tybee Beach,Tybee Beach, Island of Hope Beach,Island of Hope Beach and Turner's Rocks Beach,Turners Rocks Beach. These beaches offer beautiful ocean views and a relaxing environment to unwind in.

Savannah, Georgia, is a fascinating place to visit and explore. Its historic sites and renowned architecture will enchant travelers and enrich their visit with its impressive and diverse culture. Savannah's wonderful weather, thoughtful people, great selection of restaurants, art galleries and museums make Savannah a destination visitors won't want to leave. From the colonial city to the idyllic southern shores, you'll enjoy all these Savannah Georgia gems.

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