Wonsees community hall is ready – but the big party will have to wait

There are already mats on the floor of the gymnasium – the jumping boxes for the sports lessons weigh them down. But there's no sign of any sports car. And nothing will change in the near future.

A real gem

The last craftsmen are still at work to finish the rest of the work. Wilhelm and sebastian wolfel drill and work – the impact protection on the long wall of the sports hall is still missing. "But otherwise everything is ready", says mayor andreas pohner, visibly proud. Because the old gymnasium is almost unrecognizable. The old sprung floor has been renovated. The whole hall has become a decorative piece.

The heating system is now installed in the ceiling, as are the acoustic insulation and the lighting. The market town of wonsees has invested a total of 1.889 million euros in this section of the former school building. And about another million euros will follow.

Flexible use

In addition to the gymnasium, the cabins and sanitary facilities have been renewed, and an annex has also been built. This is how a community hall was built. "We have already held a meeting of the special purpose association in the room", explains pohner. Up to 125 people can be accommodated in the meeting place that the people of wonsee so eagerly wanted as part of the integrated urban development concept. The flat can be divided into two rooms, allowing for flexible use.

A separate room has been created for the diaconia on the upper floor, which is accessible at ground level, where regular meetings for elderly people can be held, pohner shows during a tour of the building. A handicapped toilet has also been installed.

The building was also energetically brought up to the latest standards. In the basement there is a decalcification system, and the building is heated by a heat pump.

Modern ventilation

In peak load times, a gas boiler can be switched on. "We have four heating circuits, the

Can also be regulated individually. So it may be that at completely different times the hall requires a completely different temperature than the sports stadium", the mayor says.

The community hall is also equipped with a ventilation system. This is designed so that the air can be exchanged three times an hour. A real plus, especially in corona times.

The grounds of the former school will also be redesigned in spring. Andreas pohner is planning a near-natural green area. A multigenerational playground is to be installed on the old tartan track, which is currently occupied by a tent – with a bocce court, playground equipment, and trim-you possibilities for adults. In addition, the access road including the renewal of the canal must still be built in spring.

"Even though the lockdown light is now throwing a spanner in the works and the building cannot be used at the moment, the building still offers us enormous possibilities. And the interest for conferences, meetings and also private celebrations has been immense", explains mayor pohner and hopes that the infection will soon subside and that the new community hall can still be put into operation with a rough celebration.

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